Sunfest Camping FAQ’S

Welcome, partner! This is a lot of information… but reading this will make you well prepared for Sunfest 2017.

Whether this is your first Sunfest or your fifteenth, we would like to take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for your support, and ‘welcome’ to the Sunfest Family. We pride ourselves in offering the best in country entertainment for the whole family while staying true to our roots – providing you, the customer, with exceptional customer service. Sure, every year we have to make small changes, but this is to accommodate our growing family and make your experience at Sunfest one to last a lifetime. All of our staff and volunteers are here to assist you, so please do not hesitate to lean on us if you need a hand. Let’s make Sunfest 2017 the best one yet, and with that, here are some commonly asked questions that we would like to answer before ya’ll step foot on those grassy pastures of the Laketown Ranch.

Please call our ticketing team at 1-855-486-4776 and they will get you all set up with a campsite.

Sorry to hear you are going to miss out on an epic weekend of amazing music. As stated on our website and at the time of purchase, we do not offer refunds.


Easy! Just measure it! Grab that measuring tape and sort out how much room you need from tip to tail. If your rig fits the size of the site you purchased – great! All we ask is that this is done before you enter the festival grounds. Our campground is sold out, so we don’t have the ability to move you to a different site if your rig doesn’t fit.

Nope! Our rule is one steering wheel, one campsite. Simple.


  • Outfield: 20’x31’
  • CTT : Sites are 14’x32’
  • Suitable for truck & camper, vehicle plus a tent, small vehicle plus a tent trailer or trailer less than 20’ in length, and camper vans.
  • Quiet time is 2:00am
  • Sites are 20’x34’
  • Suitable for truck & camper, vehicle plus a tent, small vehicle plus a tent trailer or trailer less than 20’ in width, camper vans, motorhomes less than 28’.
  • Quiet time is 2:00am
  • Sites are 20’x34’
  • Suitable for truck & camper, vehicle plus a tent, vehicle plus a tent trailer, trailer no more than 30’ in length, camper vans, motorhomes no more than 30’.
  • Quiet time is 12:00am
  • Sites are 20’x34’
  • Suitable for truck & camper, vehicle plus a tent, vehicle plus a tent trailer, trailer no more than 32’ in length, camper vans, motorhomes no more than 32’.
  • Quiet time is 12:00am
  • Tractor Pull & Centerfield: 20’x34’
  • Radar Hill: 20’x31′
  • Suitable for truck & camper, vehicle plus a tent, vehicle plus a tent trailer, trailer no more than 30’ in length, camper vans, motorhomes no more than 30’.
  • Quiet time is 1:00am
  • Sites are 20’x44’ (due to trees and ditch near north fence)
  • Designated for trailers between 30’ – 45’ in length, motorhomes between 30’ – 45’ in length.

Note: If you have booked this site with a smaller unit or a tent you may be relocated.

  • Quiet time is 1:00am


No stress, we’ve got you covered! There are two important things you need: your weekend passes and your camping pass. Have those? Perfect, follow us: Whether you’re coming from the North or South of the festival grounds, there will loads of signage directing you to Laketown Ranch. You cannot miss us! As you get closer, you will see Traffic Officials and the RCMP directing you to join the lineup. Please be nice to them! Please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE at any time (especially on the highway).  Check the Camping access times below and there’s no need to arrive too early, we’ve got a spot waiting for you. Arriving too early to line up on the highway may result in ticketing or towing as this is a significant safety concern for RCMP.

Wednesday August 2nd, 5pm (*Early Entry Pass Holders only)

Thursday, August 3rd, 12 Noon

Friday August 4th, 9am

All campers must be loaded in by Friday at 7pm.

For highway safety, please don’t show up early. All sites are good sites.   We will do our best to move the line quickly and efficiently. You can help us by having your full weekend festival tickets and camping pass ready to go! Once you have passed through our parking staff, simply hand your credentials to our friendly ticketing staff and they will issue your camping passes, apply wristbands and direct you to the campground. Easy!

Gates open Wednesday, August 2nd, at 5pm and close at 9pm. You may ‘hold’ one additional Early Entry Campsite for any friend that also has an early entry pass. We will not be permitting people to hold sites for those that arrive on Thursday. Early entry is for early entry pass holders only.


If you have rented an RV or trailer from a company or individual that needs to be delivered on site – not to worry! We ask that you plan ahead and please arrive with the unit onsite. If you absolutely cannot facilitate the drop-off, please send your credentials, including the RV pass with the driver. Please instruct the driver that when they arrive at the Front Gate, our staff will check the credentials of the vehicle and the unit will be directed to park in the appropriate campsite that has been pre-purchased by you. Once parked, the driver can exit through the Front Gate and return the remaining credentials to you. You must have your credentials (minus your RV sticker) with you in order to gain entry to Sunfest!

YES, but please try to avoid leaving during load in times as it causes congestion.

To guarantee that you and your friends will camp together, please arrive together. Our friendly staff with help you to the best of their ability, but we cannot always secure spots. So plan ahead partners!

Be a good friend, and allow them to cram as much camping gear into your car or camping unit.  If your friends are taking the shuttle or are being dropped off, don’t make them walk their gear in. Plan ahead! Plan ahead! Plan Ahead! Once they arrive and check in at ticketing to get their wristband they will be directed to the camping area that was pre-purchased by you, and you can all jump up and down with excitement! Yay!


We have a new drop off location, located at the entrance to the grounds. Parking Staff will allow a quick drop off only. No parking will be permitted. Campers will be directed to the Ticket Booth to check in. Please have your credentials ready! Once you are good to go, you will walk to your campsite. Don’t forget to send the bulk of your gear with friends… Plan ahead! Plan ahead! Plan Ahead! So you don’t have to pack it all in! There are no drop-offs in the campground this year to decrease congestion and increase the awesome.

Please pack reusable containers, extra garbage bags and plan on using the proper waste and recycling receptacles provided! We are on a mission to reduce garbage and we would love your help with this! Thank you! Hint: Clean campsites will be rewarded!

Garbage and recycling stations will be located throughout the campsites. We will not be doing curbside pick-up this year.  Please walk your garbage and recyclables to the pick-up locations beside the porta potties. Show you care!


Similar to last year, a complete Fire Ban will be in place for Sunfest 2017. Please respect the posted rules on site. This is for everyone’s safety! This means no open flame or propane fire pits. BBQ’s/Cooking units must be 4 feet off the ground and it’s a good idea to pack a fire extinguisher.

Before you leave, look around, gather up any garbage and recyclables, take it to the provided bins and encourage your neighbor to do the same.

We hope you had a great time and are sad to see you go! On Monday, August 7, please be patient!  The majority of the festival is trying to leave, so please be respectful of exit wait times.


A $25 Security & Environmental Fee will be attached to all campsites. This is to help pay for the additional security and clean-up staff needed for the campgrounds. Any customers that the Sunfest staff deem to have excess garbage on their site during the show are subject to a $200 cleanup fee and ejection from the event.

Yes, showers will be available on site.

Sunfest takes place in a beautiful natural setting and we do not want glass left in this stunning environment! It is also dangerous – so please be respectful!

Sorry, no campfires allowed.

At the moment, no hook ups of any kind are available.

Head straight on over to the information booth where our Lost & Found is located. We have great volunteers there who will do their best to reunite you with anything you’ve lost.

Call your friends and tell them what a great time you are having right from the concert – we have cell service. Upload the pics of you having a great time at Sunfest with the WiFi on site.